Occupy Sinus Street

So Ebola Roanoke is still firmly embedded in my sinus cavities and today, after showing signs that part of it’s diabolical plan is to occupy my lungs and open up a green goo plant, I decided it was time to call in reinforcements. I blew off a faculty meeting to go to urgent care and what a farce that was! I’m incredulous that I had to pay $20 and wait in a giant petri dish of various infections (aka a waiting room) to be seen by a doctor who, upon his arrival, asked me to identify my ailment. I explained that I felt I had all the classic symptoms of  sinusitis while he nodded and scribbled furiously in my chart (I want to read that thing. I bet it just says “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy” over and over.). He then jumped up, listened to my lungs and heart, felt my neck, then sat down and wrote out a ‘script for Amoxicillan. Really? That’s all I get for $20? What a racket! Can doctors be brought up on charges under the RICO Act? What a shake down just to get a prescription that cost me $5.33! Oh yeah…I got a shot in the dupa (supposedly a steroid but I haven’t seen any effects. I was hoping for ‘roid rage…that would be fun!)

I’m anxious for this illness to move on because I am desperate to hit the gym full force. My goal is to get down to 110 by Christmas. It’s going to be hard because I think my body is pretty content to hover around 115. I know I need to be burning at least 300 calories a day with exercise and eating lots of protein and few carbs and sugar. I need to run more but with night creeping in so early these days, it’s hard to fit in running (and I hate the dreadmill).

So the Penn State thing just keeps going on and on and getting messier and messier. Why do I delight in the agony that Jamie must be enduring over this? I got so sick of hearing about JoePa when we dated and so sick of seeing Penn State gear everywhere. What a cult! I wonder if the Kool Aid is blue or white?

So how weird am I? I really want a Guy Fawkes mask. Is that strange? I get such a big kick out of seeing protesters wearing them. It’s so rebellious! Not sure what that has to do with anything else I’ve mentioned but it was on my mind, so yeah…there you have it!

Current News: Syrian Military Deserters Strike Government Targets (they’s look a lot cooler if they were wearing Guy Fawkes masks!)

Current Weight: 115 (still a heifer)

Current Mood: Sick and bored (and a lil tired)


~ by rhondarhondarhonda on November 17, 2011.

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